1. Piece of luck n°6, 2017
    Necklace / found metal chains

  2. Piece of luck n°5, 2017
    Necklace / found metal chains

  3. Piece of luck n°2, 2017
    Necklace & bracelet / found metal chains

  4. Piece of luck n°1, 2017
    Necklace / found metal chains

  5. Findings (gold), 2017
    Print / mat paper on cardboard, 594 x 841 cm

  6. Findings (silver), 2017
    Print / mat paper on cardboard, 594 x 841 cm

  7. Piece of luck n° 1-9, 2017
    Photo: Liesbeth Bussche

    Exhibition view From Walter to Valerie
    Presented at Valerie Traan Gallery

  8. In Pieces of Luck, Charlotte Van de Velde starts out from the fragility of the chain. She searches for damaged and broken chains and combines them with chains by Walter Fischer in a series of photos and jewels. To achieve insight into the structure of the finest chains and the ways in which they wear out, she zooms in on details that are not visible to the naked eye. Inspired by the endless variations of her finds, she collects all materials in a series of three photos, organized as in a catalogue. When two or more chains seem to belong together, she combines them to create a new jewel, retaining their original length and patina. The title Pieces of Luck refers to the stroke of luck in finding pieces that complete one another.


    From Walter to Valerie
    A research project: 24 jewellers explore industrial produced chains

    A corporation between the Jewellery Design department St Lucas School of Arts Antwerp, Walter Fischer GmbH Co.KG and Valerie Traan Gallery Antwerp (BE), DIVA Museum Antwerp (BE) and Sieraad Amsterdam (NL).